Redemption of the Heart - DVD ImageThe Christian movie Redemption of the Heart shows a great example of what forgiveness and redemption by Christ truly means. And it encourages viewers to seek hope from the One who can actually bring peace and a future to look forward to, God.

Redemption of the Heart tells the story of Alex, a troubled man who starts taking money from churches so that he can live comfortably. But when he meets a woman, a member of one of the churches that he’s trying to get money out of, he falls in love with her but an investigation by the FBI is going on to find him.

At the beginning of this Christian movie, we meet Alex Montoya (played by Crister De Leon), a man who has had some pretty difficult times throughout his life. He grew up in a troubled environment, has been in all types of abusive relationships, plus there has been much hardships and heartbreaks as well. More than once he had tried to seek God to trying to restore his life somehow but he could never manage to find a way back to God and stay the path. At this point in his life, Alex is at his worst and he doesn’t know how to get out of the hole he’s in. Currently, he doesn’t have enough funds, he owes people money quite frankly doesn’t know how to get better and land on his feet again. Feeling like this Alex chooses to meet up with some old friends like Daniel (played by David Morales), who is actually the leader of a gang. Daniel asks Alex to join him and his gang on a new venture that they have planned but it really means that they’re going to take money from innocent people. So this is what they have planned, they’re going to be interested in a car somebody’s selling, they’ll give them the amount of money, leave with their cars but here’s the catch, the checks they’re going to use to pay for the cars don’t have funds so they can’t be cashed. These checks don’t mean anything so the gang members will have the car, they didn’t actually pay anything for it and the sellers will get zero money.

At this point in this Christian movie, Alex is torn between what to do. Part of him wants to do the right thing and follow God, have a correct relationship and find hope again but as well is in dire need of money and financial stability. He doesn’t see a way out of his current situation so he decides to join Daniel and the gang for their new venture. Since that moment, Alex continues to be a part of the gang’s future heists and starts to become comfortable being a part of this new way of life. He soon forgets about his old life and what he used to be so now he thinks he’s bound to have a life of criminal activity and nothing else.

Soon in Redemption of the Heart, the gang comes up with an idea that it’s just plain bad. Their idea is to arrive in churches posing as missionaries, make a presentation of what their goals are and ask the church for certain amounts of money or donations to help them feed those who go hungry. Horrible, right? Now all they have to do is work on their presentations and start this new venture. They begin going into churches and asking to make the presentations. Many churches agree and the plan seems to be going as they all planned but soon the gang members realize that it takes more than just saying they’re missionaries, they have to do more things to be considered “true Christians”. At one point in this Christian movie, they doubt if they’ll be able to pull it off since they’re in so deep in the lie.

Redemption of the Heart - DVD Image

Alex from Redemption of the Heart soon meets one of the ladies that attends the church that he’s in which further complicates things. They start to spend time together and Alex begins to fall in love with her but this wasn’t part of the plan. His feelings are genuine but he’s been lying to her since he met her. What’s going to happen here?

For more information about what happens to Alex and if the lie is ultimately brought to the light, make sure to purchase the Christian DVD Redemption of the Heart!

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