Poll Results
Which is your favorite movie genre to watch?

Starting back on August 2nd, and up until now, a poll has been out asking movie viewers which is their favorite genre was to watch? After hearing back from 272 of you, the results are in!

Listed below are the types of genres and the percentage of people who prefer them!
The number one spot goes to Christian Comedy, with 43% of viewers preferring to watch this, with second place going to Family Drama with 19%. Next up comes Romance
with 15%, Documentary with 8%, Children Animation obtained 4% and finally, Suspense with 3%.

After the results, the next question is, why do people have these preferences? Did Comedy get the most votes this time because times are tough, people are dealing with an uncertain economy and want to enjoy laughter in their
entertainment with a good, funny comedy?

Looking at the top three, comedy, family drama and romance, is this why DVDs like Fireproof, Facing the Giants and Flywheel are top sellers, being that they satisfy all three? Let us know what you think! Tell us why you prefer one genre over another!