I have to admit, I had no idea Rich Mullins was dead. It wasn’t until I just watched Ragamuffin, a true tale of his life that taught me of his death as well as teaching me that Rich Mullins happened to live a life worth living. A life we all can learn from.

Maybe it was because his tragic death happened when I was at a very young age or maybe it was because his death didn’t appear to have caused much stir in the media, but I also think it was because he didn’t live a life where he wanted people to care, he just wanted them to know Jesus.

Through Ragamuffin I learned that Rich Mullins was a very interesting character, of course to say the least. He grew up a bit estranged from his family and his community because he was clearly unlike the majority. He had a gift that separated him from most, which unfortunately made him feel unwanted, not treasured.

Rich Mullins appeared to travel through life on a journey to find closeness with someone or something, not quite finding it consistently with anyone other than God Himself. Mullins talked about how he knew the love of God and how it wasn’t about what anyone did or what anyone said or sang, but that God’s love was a gift for everyone.

The movie Ragamuffin displayed Mullins as being sort of temperamental and often times hard person to deal with. He had strong convictions about things and wouldn’t be told otherwise. It seems as though his music would bring him just as much stress as it would joy, specifically after his music threw his life into a category of life and living that he genuinely didn’t want to be a part of. The industry asked of him things he didn’t care to be a part of and demanded a high profile life that he didn’t want to live. In fact, at one point in his career he told his accountant to pay him the amount of money that the average American made in a year and told his accountant to donate the rest! And he did! It was said that Mullins never had any idea how much money he actually made!

Ragamuffin and the life of Rich Mullins has really touched my spirit. He was a man of God, a man who knew what was really worth valuing in life and he wasn’t afraid to say it. He battled through quite a bit of unhappinesses and it seems even quite a bit of alcoholism, but I would argue that it was because his heart was with the Lord in a world where nobody cared.

I highly, highly recommend watching Ragamuffin. Not only will the music of Rich Mullins touch your life and affect your relationship with Christ, but the story of his life will, too