Princess Cut seems to be a breath of fresh air, a renewal of what the honest and true meaning of love really is. In most of today’s social media, movies and advertisements, purity before marriage and the true meaning of love seem to be lost and distorted. Consequently today’s youthare being misguided and hope for true love being replaced with fleeting happiness.

Princess Cut brings today’s youth a new outlook and what it means to love and what it means to patiently trust in God’s gift of love and marriage. Grace, a twenty year old girl has fairytale ideals and dreams of what it would be like to find the man of her dreams and to be married and loved forever. What she didn’t realize was that her dreams may not go as planned. Unprepared for the hurt and disappointed that often comes with being vulnerable and in love, she began to give up on her fairytale dream.

Fortunately for Grace she had not only a heavenly Father that cared for her, she had an earthy father who loved her and wanted to help guide and protect her from all of the lies and compromises that can jeopardize what true love is.

Princess Cut is a great movie to watch for young adults and adults, as it shares the message of purity before marriage and the purity of love that can exist and does exist.