Priceless - DVD ImageYou may have heard from brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone from the Christian band for King and Country, but did you know that they love to be involved in film as well? Priceless was a project brought by the Smallbone brothers alongside their other brother Ben Smallbone who had the role of director. All of them felt like this topic was one needed to be brought into film and what better way to do it than together?

In Priceless, the Christian movie, James is seriously in need of money and wants to again have custody of his young daughter. Because of this, he goes on a trip to make a delivery and get his money but when he learns that what he’s delivering are two women he starts to have a world of questions. He must do something to save their lives and innocence.

At the beginning of Priceless, we meet James (played by Joel Smallbone) who has had his fair share of low blows and going out of the path. At one point he thought of himself as a good person who had his life in the right path and felt good of the place where he was but then his wife Melody passed away and all of that began to change. To him, she was a gift, a special gift to him. She constantly was there to encourage him, lift him up when he felt falling and just made him an all-around person again. He had his beautiful wife, his adorable daughter Emmy, and what else could he ask for? He was blessed. When Melody passed on, the loss was too hard for him to bear. It affected his life, his job and social services came for a visit. They said to leave little Emmy with his mother or have her taken into the foster care system. Now he had somehow lost Emmy and his wife.

In present time, James is offered an opportunity to make a good amount of money by driving a box truck cross-country. He doesn’t think twice about it and accepts, he desperately needs the money. The people who tell him the instructions and hand him the keys emphasize that all he needs to do is drive the truck, keep the box closed and not say anything. James accepts the conditions and begins his journey. At one point during the night, James filled with sleep closes his eyes for a second while driving and the truck heads off the road. He wakes up and tries to control the truck but he suddenly hears a scream coming from the back of the truck. By what the owners of the truck said to him, he should ignore he scream and get back on to driving but the scream keeps repeating in his mind and he just can’t ignore that.

Even after he’s gone through, he has good inside of him. He was constantly reminded of that by his deceased wife and little daughter. James grabs a tool and knocks off the lock on the door for the box truck, as he opens it he sees two young women who are desperately holding on to each other and looking at him with terrified eyes. Now, what’s he to do? But quickly makes a decision to help these women. In the back of his mind, he thinks that it will probably be a bad decision but also it may be the right one to make. All James wants is to finish this job and go to his daughter but in fact, that love for her is what ignites that drive to protect Maria and Antonia, the sisters in the back of his box truck. At this point, James doesn’t know what to do to help them or what are the final consequences. Now that he’s in the situation he has to step in, risk his life and fight sexual trafficking, which he unknowingly was now a part of.
In the film, James meets Dale, the owner of a motel close to where James took the box truck. Dale previously had lost someone to human trafficking so he feels compelled to help James and the two girls he found.

Priceless shows us the cruel world of human trafficking and reminds us of the reality of this situation, therefore raises awareness to the topic. It also reminds us that God can permit us to go through some horrible situations and good can come out of it. Also, it reminds us of the importance of our choices.

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