Want to be held in suspense? Do you like to be on the edge of your seat? Then watch, Pray 2: The Woods and
get ready to be held in the thrill of the unknown! This DVD is a sequel to Pray, and is part of a suspenseful, DVD series.

In this DVD, prepare yourself to be frightened, taught and challenged in your faith as you witness the accounts of miraculous events. Two separate stories unravel finding themselves not too separate at all. One, a woman on tour for a book she has written about her survival from an unpredictable, scary situation, the other, Madison, a teenage girl on a camping trip with her youth group tells the tale of her escape of what could have been a nightmare.

Madison Preston, played by Audrey Battah, and Laurie Curtis, played by Amy Mitchell, both think that their stories are the only stories out there, but little do they know, both their stories and they themselves are not alone.

This DVD, Pray 2: The Woods and the stories within it speak to teens and adults. The gospel is both shared and given testament to as these two women speak and live out what has happened to them. They each tell how it was their faith that got them through it and in the end find themselves having to call onto their faith once again!

To see a clip of this suspenseful DVD, click here: Pray 2: The Woods