Based on the book by Janette Oke, we review the first episode of season 2 of the popular television drama When Calls the Heart.

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I was interested in watching this series because I’ve heard a lot about it lately. We’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from customers at and it seems to be gaining quite a following. I grew up watching shows like Dr. Quinn and Little House on the Prairie, and figured this would be very similar.

When Calls the Heart is indeed very similar but also brings a lot of its own uniqueness to the table. Taking place in the early 1900s and being set in Canada, it feels different enough from other shows to remain fresh and engaging.

The show is well shot and certainly has a more cinematic style and feel than a weekly television serial. The colors are bright and appealing and the sound is well done. I never felt like I was watching a low budget film, it always felt like a top notch television show.

The story is immediately engaging, though slightly slower-paced. Several different storylines are transpiring at once, again giving it a more cinematic feel, but I was never lost or confused as to what was going on. I could see how these characters quickly become endearing and how you quickly begin to care about them and their lives.

Obviously the main point of the series is the relationship between Elizabeth and Jack. While they do go through many trials and hardships the on-screen chemistry is well acted and you do genuinely care about them and their relationship together.

As far as content issues go, we encountered a couple of instances of language in the episode we watched, and several of the characters had some cleavage in a few scenes. This show does have a lot of romance in it, which may not be appealing to younger viewers. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12 and up.

That’s all for today, overall it was an interesting and enjoyable show and I’m sure I’ll be watching more in the future!

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