We review one of the biggest Christian movies of 2015, War Room! We enjoyed this film a lot, and while it wasn’t our favorite of the Kendrick Brothers, we still thought it was extremely impacting and challenging.

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The Kendrick brothers have been a big name in the Christian film industry, and ever since the release of their 2011 film Courageous, people have been anxiously anticipating another film from them. Finally, August of 2015 saw the release of a new film, War Room.

While they’ve covered several important topics like fatherhood and marriage, the Kendrick Brothers decided to tackle an even bigger issue in War Room, prayer. Prayer is an important subject to talk about and this was an insightful and refreshing look. It also featured a unique idea; the concept of clearing out a room in your house to serve as a prayer room or “war room”. It doesn’t need to big, they simple say clear out a small room, even a closet in your house where you can focus exclusively on prayer.

War Room was a well-done film and featured some of the best film work I’ve ever seen from the Kendrick brothers. The story was interesting and engaging and the acting was convincing. It’s clear that even though it’s only a few months old, this movie is already making an incredible impact on people.

I wouldn’t say this is the best movie to come out of the Kendrick Brothers, I still hold that Courageous is the greatest movie they’ve created. However, War Room is still an excellent film and easily one of the best Christian films of 2015

As far as family-friendliness, is film is fine to show to your kids. There are a few thematic elements where a man has the opportunity to start an extramarital affair, however he chooses not to act on it.  While this movie is definitely geared toward adults, some of the challenges on prayer may be encouraging to your children as well.


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