A powerful and high quality movie about living a virtuous life. We enjoyed the film and found it to be an inspiring and convicting watch.

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I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Virtuous for a while, as it has some bigger name actors, and the trailer really intrigued me. I can definitely say that this is one of the highest quality Christian films I’ve seen in quite a while, and I did enjoy it. It can be a difficult movie to watch at points, as it is full of emotion and difficult themes.

However, this is a movie you need to watch if you find yourself struggling with leading a virtuous life. A lot of things in life can really drag us down, but Virtuous shows that through the power of God we can rise above it and live the life we read about in Proverbs 31.

It’s also worth mentioning quickly that though this movie focuses a lot on Proverbs 31, that doesn’t mean this is a film targeted at only women. Virtuous is a movie targeted at both men and women equally, and there are lessons to be learned for everyone here.

The production quality was very well done and I was pleasantly surprised with how well the scenes were shot and edited. The only weak spot I could really find was the acting. Some of the minor characters seemed a little uncomfortable in their roles, but it hardly took away from the movie at all.

Virtuous is an inspiring film that I would highly recommend you check out. It’s well put together, encouraging, and enjoyable.

This film does have a few content issues worth noting. This movie shows a lot of characters in difficult situations, so there are brief instances and allusions to drinking, violence and sexual harassment. While it is handled delicately, it’s still necessary to mention in the context of the film. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12 and up. And as always, we recommend you watch this film first and decide if it’s alright for your particular family.

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