We review another children’s movie, this time a Christmas installment of the Veggietales franchise! If you’re looking for a great Christmas movie to watch with your kids, we highly recommend you check it out.

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It’s almost Christmas, which means now is the perfect time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and watch a fun Christmas movie. If you have kids in the house and are looking for something to watch with them, I would recommend you check out Veggietales – The Star of Christmas.

This movie explores an important topic for kids. How can we love each other and what does that look like? Cavis and Milward try to teach London to love through the use of modern technology. With the new invention of the lightbulb, they try to teach their city what true love really looks like through a flashy and spectacular show. However, they will stop at nothing to make sure that their show is heard loud and clear, even going so far as to steal an important valuable from a nearby church.

The movie shows that the whole point of love and the Christmas season is not flashy lights or who has the most impressive visual display. The true point of Christmas is the fact that Christ was born into the world as a baby. This is a very important concept to teach kids and I really appreciate how this film goes beyond the typical, “Christmas isn’t about presents” theme that is so prevalent in Children’s Christmas movies.

The animation is well done and is presented in more of a cinematic format than your typical Veggietales show. Like all Veggietales episodes, this show is fun, light-hearted, but also important and educational. I’ve always appreciated Veggietales and I think this episode is one of my very favorites.

If your kids enjoy Veggietales or you just want to find something different for them to watch this Christmas season, you certainly can’t go wrong with Veggietales The Star of Christmas.

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