We review a new film from Piercing Purpose Productions, The Messenger’s Box. While this film was low budget and may not be quite as polished as some other films we’ve seen, it still had an intriguing story and we enjoyed it.

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As far as I could tell from their website, this is the very first film to be produced by Piercing Purpose, and this was a really great start for them. While the production quality and budget may be a lot lower than we’ve come to expect from a lot of Christian films, this film still had a great story and interesting characters.

The movie centers around a box that Jake finds in His attic and the film almost becomes a mystery as he tries to uncover what the purpose is behind the box. This movie has genuine moments of sadness and happiness, along with a variety of mystery and action elements.

You can tell the filmmakers really have a heart for filmmaking and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future. I always encourage people to pick up films like these and support the makers. If they’re able to keep making films, they’ll continue to get better and improve their craft.

In the end, I did enjoy this movie and found myself quickly getting drawn into the intriguing story. I recommend you get the whole family together to watch this film on a movie night.

This film is very family-friendly, with only a few intense scenes involving medical emergencies and some very minor violence. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12+

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