We review the post-apocalyptic thriller, Rumors of Wars. With a gripping and intense plot, we were kept on the edge of our seat until the very end! While we have a couple of gripes with the structure and segregated story lines, we really enjoyed this movie and would highly recommend it.

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This is an intense thriller, with a lot of action and suspense. Rumors of Wars is sure to keep you interested and engaged, and the story is well thought out and enjoyable. This film tells a what-if story. What if in the near future, the world begins changing, unifying into a one-world government, under one power and order? The world begins to show a lot of signs of the end times in this film, drawing heavily from Matthew 24:6 in its rumors of wars theme.

We’ve seen a lot of movies release over the past few years featuring a utopian society, with a controlling and oppressive government and it’s fascinating to watch a film of that genre from a Christian perspective. These are some big issues currently as we see our entire world beginning to change. What do we do if the end times come upon us? What does that look like and what should we do to fight back?

It’s easy to chock this movie up to hyperbole or merely watch this as a fun and unrealistic idea of the future. However, I do think it’s worth taking the time to consider where we stand should our society begin to crumble. Will we embrace the father or deny him should the worst come to worst?

Rumors of Wars is well-shot, and well-produced, though I do have a slight gripe with the structure. The film follows two different story-lines which on first glance seem inconsistent. The two plotlines do not seem to line up or align with each other. It’s only late in the film when you begin to realize that these storylines are taking place thirty years apart from each other

As a thriller, though, this movie excels and if you’re looking for an action-packed and heart-pounding experience, I would recommend you watch Rumors of Wars!

This movie has some objectionable content, mostly dealing with violence. There are several shooting and action scenes, and a few instances of language, normally coming from the non-believers or “the alliance”. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which rates this movie for ages 12 and up.

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