A farm-girl named Grace sets out on a journey to discover what true love looks like and how it stands in contrast with what the world teaches us about love. We enjoyed the enlightening perspective this movie takes on relationships and dating and feel it is well worth a watch.

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We are all familiar with the romantic drama genre, but unfortunately as Christians, a lot of us don’t agree with the way relationships are portrayed in these films. Relationships we see in movies today are often based on physical intimacy or a superficial level of attraction. Very rarely do films today portray a Godly model for marriage.

Princess Cut is a fascinating film in that regard, as it starts off showing us what a worldly relationship looks like. We see our protagonist Grace out in the midst of the dating scene, trying to find the perfect man who will love her for all her life. Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan in that regard and the movie centers around Grace trying to understand what true love is.

This film was very well done and I was pleasantly surprised by the production value. The acting wasn’t perfect, but it was still very solid. The story made sense and came together in a cohesive manner. The pacing felt spot on to me and the ending was fulfilling and satisfying.

I enjoyed seeing a film like this that presents a Godly model for dating and marriage and its emphasis on boundaries and respect. It reminded me in a lot of ways of another film that released earlier this year, Old Fashioned. I thought Princess Cut did a fantastic job of presenting their worldview without coming off as overly preachy.

While the film can fall into predictable territory at points, I enjoyed it and thought it was very well done. Again, the screenwriting and pacing was well put together and this movie worked well as a whole.

AS far as content issues go, this film really doesn’t have any major problems to speak to. Obviously this film is about a girl desiring to pursue a relationship and learning how exactly that works, so some younger children may not be ready or interested in these topics. There were a few other minor thematic elements that go along with relationships and dating, but these were mostly implied more than anything else. We like to go by the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12+.

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