A documentary that tries to make some sense out of the archaelogical and Biblical timelines of the Exodus from Egypt, we were enthralled by its simple format and convincing conclusion.

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Different people have different opinions on history. Some people devote their lives to researching and learning all they can about history while others tend to live more in the present, not paying much attention to what happened in the past. While I admittedly find myself more in the latter category, if presented properly, I can be very intrigued by historical and particularly archaeological discoveries.

Patterns of Evidence: the Exodus is the kind of movie that sucks you in, regardless of what you think of history or archaeology. Tim Mahoney presents the evidence in such a straightforward and comprehensible manner that it’s impossible not to become interested in his discoveries.

Through the film, Mahoney takes you on his journey as he attempts to find evidence to either confirm or deny the biblical account of Exodus. He had begun to notice some discrepancies between the biblical record and the archaeological record and he wanted to set them straight. It’s interesting to see the very unbiased angle he took on this film. Rather than trying to gather evidence that simply supported his view on everything, he chose to simply gather the evidence and believe what it told him. If there was convicting evidence that began to question the validity of the account given in the Bible, Mahoney wanted to know about it.

But what’s fascinating is as he begins to find more evidence, everything He learns about supports the Biblical record, while simultaneously starting to disprove some of the theories that are treated as fact in the modern scientific world. What’s also fascinating is how many modern scientists respond negatively to Mahoney’s evidence, choosing to believe what modern science philosophies taught, rather than the truth that was clearly spelled out before them.

There are many different interviews in this film with big name scientists and politicians in the Israeli government that Mahoney masterfully weaves into a streamlined thesis. The visual presentation of this film is phenomenal and high quality. And in the end, he presents his argument, cited by a monumental collection of evidence. He’s willing to admit there may still be flaws in his theory, he doesn’t have all of the answers yet. But what he presents in the end is a thoroughly convincing summary of the Egyptian timeline and how it aligns almost exactly with both the Biblical record and the Archaeological record.

We at FishFlix.com were hooked from the beginning to the end and I would highly recommend you give this film a watch. This movie is entirely family appropriate, and some younger audiences may get some enjoyment out of the insights found throughout the film. Patterns of Evidence: the Exodus is a compelling film and I recommend you take a look for yourself and form your own opinion about the evidence. Mahoney certainly represents a compelling case.

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