We review an older film from Pure Flix Entertainment, One Hit From Home! While it can tend toward a lot of sports movie cliches, it still presents a powerful story of faith and redemption.

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One of the more popular genres within the Christian movie world is sports movies. We’ve seen a lot of different sports movies in recent years such as Home Run, Seven Days in Utopia, and the more recently released Woodlawn. While One Hit From Home doesn’t break particularly new ground, it’s still a solid film and has an excellent message.

We meet Jimmy Easton at rock bottom. Through a series of flashbacks interspersed throughout the film, we learn more about what brought him to this point in his life. We see that he has been through a very difficult period of time, with both of his parents passing away and him getting dropped from the major leagues.

It’s a time that most of us experience at one point in our lives, when nothing seems to be going our way and we have to choose whether we’re going to turn to God or allow ourselves to fall into a downward spiral of depression. This movie is an encouragement as it shows how faith can be our guide in these times and how we can lean on God to get us through.

This movie was well shot and edited, and I thought the story was one of the most cohesive and well thought-out that I’d ever seen. We see some repeated elements and concepts that help bring the movie together and minus a few weaker acting roles, I thought this film’s quality was very high.

As far as family-friendliness, this film has a few scenes featuring a down and out Jimmy turning to alcohol to solve his problems, and it is referenced that a woman was in living with him for a short time. We always follow the Dove review which approves this movie for ages 12 and up.

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