A delightful Christian romantic drama, Old Fashioned takes a look at a topic not often discussed in film or even the Christian culture in general, courtship. We enjoyed this movie for showing both sides of the issue, being willing to admit there can be fault on both sides, and for it’s delightful and charming presentation.


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As you can probably tell from the description, this was a rather unusual Christian film, choosing to focus on a topic not often discussed today; courtship. Instead of tackling a broader subject like faith or hope, this movie chose to focus on a niche subject and absolutely run with it. We don’t often hear about Christian romantic dramas, and while there are a few, this is a relatively untapped subject.

When we at FishFlix.com first heard about Old Fashioned, we were immediately excited, but also a little concerned about how courtship was going to be portrayed. Courtship is a very difficult and nuanced subject, and we wondered how this was going to be handled by the filmmakers, and how it would be received by viewers.

Well, to put it simply, this film is amazing. Through innovative story-telling and character development, Skoche Films created a brilliant piece of drama. It has all the elements you would expect to find in a romantic film, but also masterfully blends it with several Christian film tropes as well. Old Fashioned is well shot and directed, with excellent sound design and scoring as well.

But most importantly, the message and presentation are well-presented. Instead of presenting a singular viewpoint as the one and only way, it gives a well-rounded look at the subjects of dating and courtship. Neither character in the relationship is held up as the perfect example, and as the story develops, the viewer comes to find that both sides have faults.

We at Fishflix.com greatly appreciated this fact about the movie; that it was willing to show the imperfections in every side of an issue. It was able to present a case for courtship and show examples of a working and healthy relationship without being preachy or in-your-face about it in any way.

So, again, this film really is amazing and definitely worth your time. We would highly recommend Old Fashioned particularly for young couples interested in the idea of a courting relationship, or even married couples just interested in the idea.

This film definitely has some thematic elements keeping it from being family-friendly. The concept of this movie of course applies for older audiences, and there are a few scenes showing some of the darker sides of immoral relationships. We also see a few scenes containing alcohol and occasional references to domestic abuse. FishFlix.com uses the Dove Foundation recommendation, which is ages 12+. Of course, we ask that you always use discretion when choosing films for your particular family.

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