A Right to Life parable about abortion, Meant to Be is a powerful film with a surprising and shocking twist at the end. We liked this film for it’s story and raw emotion and hope you’ll check it out!

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In our modern world, there’s a lot of unrest right now about our future and our security as a nation. As technology and science become more advanced, there’s the ever looming threat of nuclear warfare and its potential to literally wipe out our entire nation. My Refuge is clearly targeted at people who have these concerns about the future and helps to show them a way to peace.

When trouble comes our way, be it small day-to-day issues or national catastrophes like 9/11, we can always turn to God as our refuge. He is the only thing that will never fail. He will always be there for us no matter what the situation is. This is the idea behind My Refuge.

The film has a few flaws, however, mostly due to its limited budget, ensemble cast, and low production quality. You can tell that this film had a very small cast and crew working on it, which led to a lower quality production. The storyline of this movie felt very disjointed at times with many pieces of the puzzle not always lining up coherently.

The thing I always say with lower budget films like this is that I hope that the producers of this film take what they learned and work on making a higher quality film next time. Take both the knowledge and finances you gained from this film and create an even better one next time. Take a look at the Kendrick Brothers, for instance, who started making small movies with tiny budgets and eventually grew into making full scale box office hits.

The film has a few issues keeping it from being family-friendly including a few instances of language. There’s also a lot of violence, involving nuclear bombs and fallout, and a few intense scenes where firearms are discharged. One girl overdoses on drugs near the beginning of the film, and a couple other characters make allusions to cutting. These are all things you may want to consider before deciding if this film is appropriate for your particular family.

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