An insightful documentary from director Brandon Mcguire, Mining for God ask a bold, yet seemingly simple question – “What is Christianity?” The answers he receives are shocking, but revealing.

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I’ve always felt like Christian documentaries are a very important part of the Christian filmmaking industry as they are able to drive home a lot of realities that other fictitious dramas can’t. Mining for God, for instance, was able to go out onto the streets and ask the world what they thought of Christianity.

This film started with a very simple premise. “What is Christianity?” Some of the answers the filmmaker, Brandon Mcguire received were rather shocking. They included things like:

“Good people go to heaven; bad people end up in hell.”

“All religions are basically the same.”

“Christanity is just about rules.”

“It’s about controlling people.”

“No religion can be the only way to God or spirituality.”

While over 70% of our nation identifies as Christian, it seems like we have an incredibly skewed and distorted idea of what Christianity is; what it looks like. Mcguire sets out on an important journey to find answers to these questions and through a series of interviews and logical reasoning, he is able to give evidence for some very compelling truths.

I really enjoyed the film and thought it was very logical and cohesive. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Mcguire throughout the film, though, as it seemed to me that he almost disappeared halfway through. The cinematography and visual design was very aesthetically pleasing, however, and overall it was a very well put together documentary.

This movie is appropriate for all ages with really nothing to speak of content-wise. This would be a great film to show to your family or church, and would even open up some doors for people who don’t consider themselves to be Christians.

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