A Right to Life parable about abortion, Meant to Be is a powerful film with a surprising and shocking twist at the end. We liked this film for it’s story and raw emotion and hope you’ll check it out!

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A few months back, I remember being asked what subject I was most passionate about. What was it that got me excited or provoked me to action? After thinking over it briefly, I remember answering the pro-life movement. Abortion has always been a subject I’ve been passionate about and I was excited to learn about this movie, which advertises itself as a “right to life parable”.

This movie follows a young girl faced with the option of abortion and an older woman who was faced with the option 20 years earlier. It shows a lot of pain and heartache that honestly gets pretty emotional at times. The filmmakers clearly designed this film to show a lot of the raw emotion and feelings that women faced with abortion experience.

I enjoyed this movie a lot, and while it did get off to a pretty slow start, a surprising twist in the final act makes it all well worth it. The whole dynamic of the film changes literally in an instant in the last twenty minutes of the film and it leaves you with a lot to think about.

Meant to Be also asks a bold question later on in the film. We see stories on the news of people showing up to riot at Planned Parenthood locations or abortion clinics. We see people taking a stand against abortion, verbally eviscerating the women going there for abortions. The film basically says that that’s the “lazy way” to answer the problem. Rather than showing up to cut people down for trying to get rid of their mistakes, we should be extending a helping hand to support them through their mistakes. It’s easy for us to show up and protest. But how about being willing to help these girls through their pregnancies? This movie makes the case that that is what we should be willing to do. That’s what we need to do as Christians.

I wouldn’t say this film is perfect. It still suffers from a few flaws, especially in its pacing, and it felt more like a rough cut than a finished product to me. But I would still say this movie is worth seeing, especially if you’re passionate about the pro-life movement. This would also be an interesting film to show to friends who may be questioning their beliefs about pro-life vs pro-choice. This movie certainly gave me a lot to think about.

This film is mostly family friendly with no language to speak of. the only instance of violence is an abusive boyfriend who is only mentioned, never seen, and really the only thing to worry about here is the theme of the movie, abortion. This is a subject you will need to decide if you’re ready to discuss with your own family. We also like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12 and up.

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