In the Blink of an Eye is an older film from PureFlix which features husband and wife David A.R. White and Andrea Logan White in this epic rapture story.

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We’ve been watching a lot of PureFlix movies on this podcast, mostly because there’s a lot of them and they’re very popular. It was interesting to take a look back several years to see one of their earlier films. You can tell that the quality of the films has improved over the years, but this movie, I would say still stands up to PureFlix standards.

If I were to sum up this film in a few words, I would say it’s a mix of Left Behind and Groundhog Day. In the Blink of an Eye uses the film trope of reliving the same day over and over again with the protagonist making varying decisions each time to affect the outcome. Like some of these other movies, the day repeats itself until the main character, David, is finally able to understand God’s love for Him and make Him the lord of his life.

However, this movie introduces a twist on the formula, which I thought spiced it up and made it significantly more gripping; the rapture. Similar to the plot of Left Behind, Christians all disappear in a flash and those who were left behind are left to pick up the pieces. What makes this film different, though, is how David is forced to relive this day over and over again, experiencing the heartbreaking loss of losing his wife every single day.

One more thing I want to mention is how much I enjoyed have David A.R. White and Andrea Logan White, who are married in real life, play a married couple. Their on-screen chemistry translated well, and their love for each other seemed very genuine on-screen.

While the production quality may not be as great as we’ve come to expect, this was an enjoyable movie. It was very thought-provoking regarding where do you want to be if the rapture came to pass? I would highly recommend you watch this film, and though it may be an older one, this one’s still definitely worth your time.

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