Catching Faith presents a powerful behind-the-scenes look at the “perfect family” mentality. While occasionally cliche, this fascinating drama shows that we shouldn’t try to hide our family’s faults and issues.

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You get a sense just from looking at the cover of Gallows Road that this is going to be a darker, grittier film than we’re usually accustomed to in the Christian film industry. True enough, this movie is definitely darker but because of that aesthetic choice, certain elements of redemption seem more real and powerful.

Moments of this movie were downright difficult to watch, because of the emotional nature of the story. We see several important characters pass away fairly early on in the film and that really sets the stage for this darker narrative.

Gallows Road goes where a lot of other Christian movies are scared to go. Rather than beating around the bush or taming every situation down so it’s friendly for all ages, this movie tackles situations head-on, showing a grittier, and honestly more true to life world.

The film features some familiar actors such as Ernie Hudson and Kevin Sorbo, and the production quality was top notch. This movie called for several intense special effects and the filmmakers executed each one marvelously. I enjoyed this movie a lot and thought it had a great story of redemption and forgiveness.

The story is a powerful one and may even convict viewers to think hard about who they’ve never forgiven in their lives. Gallows Road is an excellent reminder that it’s God’s calling to forgive everyone who’s wronged us.

As far as family-friendliness, this movie did have a few issues keeping it from being appropriate for all ages. There were several scenes involving gun violence and drinking, and as mentioned earlier, several characters die throughout this film. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which recommends this movie for ages 12+.

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