This remembrance of the Vietnam war is a compelling and inspiring story that is well worth your time. Featuring two storylines across two generations, Faith of our Fathers has many emotional moments, but also manages to blend comedy and entertainment into the mix.

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This movie was an interesting watch and I enjoyed learning more about the Vietnam war. I was glad to see that they were respectful and honoring of the men who lost their lives fighting for our country. Faith of our Fathers has its serious moments, but it also has several scenes of genuine humor, be it Si Robertson describing a fight scene, or a battle of cultures between Wayne and Paul.

There are a few times in the plot where the emotional mix of sadness and war stumbles awkwardly over the lighter comedic moments. However, for the most part, I was kept intrigued and I truly did care about the  two main protagonists of the movie.

The plot flips back and forth between the journey of John Paul and Wayne and the experience their father’s had in war time. These two plotlines flowed smoothly for the most part, keeping track of both plots easily and superfluously. The overall production quality is about as high as we’ve come to expect from Pure Flix Entertainment, though I would say that the battle scenes looked like they were shot on a lower budget and scale.

Would I recommend this  movie? Most definitely. If you’re interested in learning more about the Vietnam war, or want to hear of an inspiring tale about God’s providence in two son’s lives, you should definitely look into Faith of our Fathers.

For the most part, this movie is family friendly, with little to no language, and no sexual themes. The thing to really watch out for in this film is the violence that takes place in the war scenes. While gore is almost non-existent and most of the combat takes place off-screen, a few characters do die in battle. We always like to go by the Dove Foundation which suggests this movie for ages 12 and up.

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