An incredible film about the futile pursuit of running away from God, Escape inspired us thanks to its powerful story and incredible production quality. Listen to our review for the full story!

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From the moment I turned this movie on, I knew this was going to be something special. Immediately out of the gate, this film grabs you with stunning cinematography and an overall extremely high level of production quality.

There’s a certain level of production quality we’ve come to expect from Christian movies. I don’t know how to describe it best, but most Christian movies being released nowadays have a good production value. No more, no less. Escape, however, goes above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from independent Christian films and delivers a film that will hold up well far into the future. Every aspect of the production is top notch, and I would not be able to distinguish this from larger budget secular films.

While there are a few weaker spots in the cast, the acting is superb in this film, especially the fabulous role of Malcom, played by the amazing John-Rhys Davies. Bringing the same gruff but lovable characteristics we’ve come to know him for, Rhys-Davies shines in his role and really made the movie for me.

The story of the film is well done and was convincing and easy to follow. Certain moments in the film capture genuine emotion, and a twist at the end of the film is sure to leave many in tears. From start to finish, this was an enjoyable and convicting movie and is well worth your time. While I do enjoy all Pure Flix movies, something about Escape stands out from the rest. Maybe it’s the production quality, maybe it’s the added bonus of John Rhys-Davies. Whatever the reasoning, Escape is easily my favorite film that Pure Flix Entertainment has produced to date.

Before we conclude, we do want to let you know that there is a fair amount of violence in this movie. Several men carry guns throughout the entirety of the film, and a couple of characters do end up getting shot. A man also has rudimentary surgery done on him, and while it’s mostly shown off camera there are a few grunts and cries of pain. We like to refer to the dove foundation, which recommends this movie for ages 12 and up.

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