Do You Believe? is a film released by Pure Flix Entertainment. There were high hopes for this film after the massive success of God’s Not Dead. Does this film live up to the hype? Find out in our review!

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Welcome to the Christian Movie podcast. Every week we review a Christian film, informing you about the plot, letting you know our thoughts, and finally how family-friendly the movie is. I’m your host, Noah Metzger. Please join me as we take a look at Do You Believe?

Do You Believe? released back in March of 2015 by Pure Flix Entertainment, the same company that brought us God’s Not Dead last year. If you’re interesting in this movie, you can find out more about it on our website at

Do You Believe tells the story of “A dozen different souls—all moving in different directions, all longing for something more. As their lives unexpectedly intersect, they each are about to discover there is power in the Cross of Christ … even if they don’t believe it. Yet.

When a local pastor is shaken to the core by the visible faith of an old street-corner preacher, he is reminded that true belief always requires action. His response ignites a faith-fueled journey that powerfully impacts everyone it touches in ways that only God could orchestrate.

This stirring new film from the creators of God’s Not Dead arrives in theaters Spring of 2015. More than a movie, it’s a question we all must answer in our lifetimes: DO YOU BELIEVE?”

After the surprise success of God’s Not Dead, all eyes looked to Pure Flix for their next big movie. What were they going to do to follow up their massive hit? This film certainly keeps a few elements from God’s Not Dead, including multiple storylines all woven together and the concept of standing up for what you believe in. However, this is still an original plot, and this movie stands well on its own. In fact, we found that in most areas of storytelling and production, this movie worked even better than God’s Not Dead.

Do You Believe? Has a lot of different story lines going on at the same time, but I never felt lost or confused as to what was going on. One plot point flowed smoothly into the next, and all of the storylines came together in the end in a compelling and exciting climax. The characters are interesting and engaging, and every part is well-acted and believable.

As far as production quality goes, this one holds up well. Every element of the filmmaking is high-quality and meets the standard we’ve come to expect from films in recent years. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and found myself very quickly drawn into the story.

It’s hard to separate this film from God’s Not Dead, comparing every element from that movie with this one, but looking at Do You Believe? as its own stand-alone film, as it is, it holds its own as a compelling and enjoyable movie. Hopefully, Pure Flix will continue to reach a wider audience and encourage people to hold onto their faith, and intrigue others to find faith for themselves.

This film is mostly family-friendly, although there are a few things keeping this from being an all-ages film. This film deals with some themes and topics that younger children may not fully understand, and one of the final scenes features some intense and frightening violence that may be a bit much for sensitive children. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12 and up.

We highly recommend you check out do you believe, and if you want to learn more about it, you can visit our website at There we have a vast assortment of Christian films you can learn about or purchase directly from our website. Thank you for joining us, and as always, please be sure to stay tuned as we bring you more reviews on the Christian Movie podcast.

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