Courageous is an exciting and intense Christian movie, the fourth to be released from the Kendrick Brothers. Follow four men as they work to become better fathers and better policemen. We absolutely love this movie and highly recommend you check out Courageous, one of the best Christian movies of all time.

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I remember when this film released 4 years ago going to see it in theaters and coming out of the theater excited and encouraged about the future of Christian movies. Only a few years ago, Christian movies were in a much shorter supply, and many of them were lacking the high quality needed to be recognized by the masses.

Watching all of the Kendrick brothers’ movies in order, it’s fascinating to see them grow in their filmmaking abilities. Their first film, Flywheel, is honestly a little rough around the edges. The movie was shot on one camera with some people from their church, and the budget was a very slim $20,000. However, considering the technology they had available to them at the time, the movie is still enjoyable and downright convicting.

Facing the Giants, their next film ups the ante significantly, featuring a better cast, and overall better production quality. Once again, when they went on to produce Fireproof , they learned from the last film and made an even better movie. It’s interesting to watch this progression over the course of their films, and Courageous is no exception. They were definitely ambitious on this film, even going so far as to have some very intense and action packed police scenes.

Never for a moment in Courageous did I notice a that this was a lower-budget independent film. When I notice filmmaking flaws, it pulls me out of the movie and reminds me that this is a movie. However, this never happens during Courageous, and I personally remained fully engaged throughout the entirety of the film.

Courageous tackles the issue of fatherhood, and we at could tell that this is an issue near and dear to the Kendrick brothers’ hearts. They seemed passionate about their subject and you can just tell that they genuinely desire to spread a positive example of fatherhood to the world.

We all thoroughly enjoyed Courageous, and I know I personally consider it to be the Kendrick brothers’ best film to date.

As far as family friendliness goes, it should be known that this movie is rated Pg-13. It has some intense action scenes involving policemen and bullets being fired, though we don’t see any blood or gore. We also have to deal with the death of a main character, which leads into some difficult emotional scenes. We always like to go by the Dove Foundation’s rating, which approves this movie for ages 12+

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