We review a fantastic Christian film about forgiveness and justice. We enjoyed the two brother actors and excellent plot twist. Definitely a must-see!

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Brother’s Keeper released in 2013 by Giving Films and stars Michael Rooker, Ray Wise, and Alex and Graham Miller. This movie is a powerful story about justice, forgiveness, and sacrifice and is definitely one you will not want to miss. If you’re interested in ordering this film after our review, you can find it on our website at www.fishflix.com.

Sometimes the greatest revenge is forgiveness

Identical twins Andy and Pete Goodwynn have been side-by-side since the womb. But that’s about to change…

As their high school graduation nears, Pete plans to marry Maggie, the love of his life, and head off to school to become a preacher. Andy, who wants nothing to do with God, has no plans, no direction, and seemingly no future.

But in a cruel twist of fate—orchestrated by a rival for Maggie’s heart—Pete finds himself locked away in prison on trumped-up charges.

Will Andy be able to help Pete gain his rightful freedom? Will the brothers seek vengeance on those whose corruption and deceit have taken that freedom away? While revenge may seem sweet, BROTHER’S KEEPER is a powerful reminder that only forgiveness can truly heal.

Brother’s Keeper is an interesting story with a powerful message of forgiveness and healing through God. The story of the brothers is an intense and honestly unfair one. Pete, the brother who has always tried to follow God and live a Christian life, finds himself in an unavoidable predicament and is even handed down the death sentence for something he didn’t even do. His brother Andy does his very best to get Pete out, but it seems that Pete is going to die for a unjust cause.

Injustice is a fascinating topic, and this Christian movie gives a look at what a Christian response should be. You find yourself wanting Andy and Pete to try and get back at the man who actually killed Pete’s girlfriend Maggie. Some would even reason that they had every right to get revenge.

But through insightful looks at scripture, the brothers are able to find a biblical solution to their problems. They realize that revenge is not the proper course of action and instead they must love their enemies, while still trying to fight for the truth. It’s also interesting to see how Pete’s unfair predicament inspires multiple people to pursue God for themselves and his unfortunate turn of events leads to miraculous happenings in several other peoples’ lives. This is encouraging and it’s helpful to see that how your misfortune can work good in others’ lives, even if you never find out about it.

Brother’s Keeper was an enjoyable film, and even featured some high profile actors like Michael Rooker and Ray Wise. I also really appreciated the fact that they got real life brothers to portray the two brothers in Brother’s Keeper, as it gave an added sense of realism to the characters.

In some ways it reminded me of Christopher Nolan’s excellent film, The Prestige. Easily my favorite part of the film is an incredible and unexpected twist ending at the end of the film. Christian films are often cited as being predictable and cliché, but I can honestly say I did not see this one coming.

This is a film you definitely need to experience for yourself. While it can suffer from a slow pace at times, it does an excellent job of showing a man on death row. Pete knows he has a short amount of time left to live, and Brother’s Keeper does an excellent job of showing you the inside of his mind. He is a broken man by the end of the film. He’s been through so much, experienced so much heartache and injustice, but this movie shows how he is transformed by God’s renewing power.

Forgiveness is a key theme in this film and it’s one that should always be remembered. I really enjoyed everything about the film, from its plot twists to its inspiring message. The acting was terrific, with every character delivering convincing performances, especially Alex and Graham Miller as the twin brothers. This is an intense movie and it was thrilling as you never quite knew what was going to happen next. While it may have been overly lengthy, the payoff was definitely worth the build-up. I would highly recommend this film, as it really does give an inspiring message of forgiveness.

Parents need to know that this film was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association as it does feature several scenes with intense violence, and a couple minor instances of language. This is most definitely not a film for younger children. Violence is apparent in several scenes, including the one big scene near the beginning of the film in which a high school girl is accidentally murdered. There are various scenes of smoking, and the whole film is leading up to the eventual execution of a man in an electric chair. We like to follow the Dove Foundation which gives this film a Faith-Based Caution seal. And as always, we recommend that you watch this film first and decide if it’s appropriate for your particular family.

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