We review a fun and fast-paced Christian movie, Adrenaline. We really enjoyed the way this film was able to have fun and provide some entertaining scenes, but also convey a great and powerful message.

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Adrenaline is an incredible Christian movie that has a really fun sports theme to it. It seemed to me that the creators of this movie had a lot of fun making it, but also took very seriously the message they were trying to convey. From the very beginning of this film, the energy level is put to an extreme as the revving engines of the racecars mingle with the blare of the soundtrack.

I enjoyed this film a lot and found it to be a perfect balance of entertainment and enjoyment with heart and a serious message. This film knows when it needs to pick up the pace, but it also knows when to stop, take a minute, and focus on things that are deeper and more important.

The heart of this film is that your life is never over if you choose to keep on living it. When Joseph is first put into a wheelchair, he believes he’ll never walk, or race, again. However, thanks to his hospital roommate, he realizes that he needs to have hope and put his faith in God.

While this movie had a relatively low budget, it still delivered on all counts, and I never found the cheaper budget to be an issue with this film. I can honestly say that this has been one of my favorite films I’ve reviewed on this podcast in quite a while, as it delivered a well-acted and solid Christian drama.

As far as family friendliness, this film only had a couple of issues, including one sexual innuendo and a couple of scenes of drinking. There were also a few negative elements including illegal street-racing. As always, we like to follow the Dove Foundation which approves this movie for ages 12+.

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