Hi, my name is Philip Pfanstiel.

I’m the new writer for FamilyChristianMovies.com and I’m going to be reviewing movies. My qualifications for reviewing films are simple.

I love my family.

I love my savior (ie. I’m a Christian).

And I love movies.

When I saw this website it was nearly a perfect match. The only things missing were chocolate, pizza and Pepsi. The three other things I love, but not mixed together like the first trio.

Movies are a powerful medium. They can inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge us in our faith and in our family. But like chocolate, pizza and soda, too much can make one sick. The problem that I see in my own family and with my students is that all too often movies (TV, music and the internet as well) can supplant the family and decrease ones faith.

The films on this site were chosen because they are good for both your faith and your family.

My “phil”osophy when reviewing movies is to be brief but give you enough to make an informed decision when buying from our site.

I’ll also try to suggest the audience that would probably benefit the most by watching the movie. A favorite film of mine on this site is the classis 1953 film, Martin Luther. This film has one of my favorite scenes where Luther makes his impassioned plea at the Diet of Worms. This film is ideal for youth and older Christians. It wouldn’t work for younger children who would only start to question why Martin ate worms. My children would then get lost in some fantasy world where Martians are eating worms because “here they stand, they can do no other, so help them God.”

Needless to say, having a good idea of who might like the film and who it is appropriate for are both necessary. Another example, The Passion of the Christ, is a great film but not one I’ll be showing to my children until they are old enough (maybe 12 or 13). And even then, only with me present so we can process and discuss it together.

This site has a tremendous treasure trove of classic films that you’ll love, and newer films that may one day become classics. We also have a variety of films by smaller production companies that have wowed our socks off (Pendragon), challenged us emotionally and spiritually (Malatya, The Heart of Texas) and mentally (On a Level Playing Field). I can’t wait to review them and I hope that you enjoy the films you purchase, watch and share with your family and friends.