Philip Pfanstiel’s Biography:

I grew up in Christendom, but my love for Christ and movies converged when I watched the film, The Mission, at the age of 12. Throughout high school I went on numerous missions trips and worked with a missionary after high school and in college. At college (Oral Roberts University) I studied journalism, wrote “award-winning” columns for the school paper and directed, acted and reviewed plays in our theater department. After receiving my BS in Communications I then furthered my education by marrying Tamara, my best friend (obligatory “ahs” deleted) and starting our family. I also earned a Masters degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach in Film Production and Management. During my time at Regent I produced and had various roles in nearly a dozen short films. My favorite film from this time was “White American Jesus” which I produced for my friend John Strong, who wrote and directed it.

During graduate school my wife and I welcomed our first child, Nathaniel and over the past nine years have made our own collection of cute, trying and spontaneous creatures called children. We’ve been blessed with a set of five such literal children; Nathan, Anna, Abby, Luke, Gabe. And as their father I have cast them in all of my productions since they are so cute, and I don’t have to worry about waivers and getting sued by their parents.

After graduate school we moved to Arlington, Texas where I began my second career (education) after not really starting my first career (film production). I’ve been a public school teacher for the past eight years teaching Social Studies and Leadership to 5th and 6th graders.

While I’d written a number of film and TV scripts it wasn’t until three years ago that I started a film production company, Catacomb Films LLC and began my first career. Elsewhere on this site I subjectively review our pilot production, On a Level Playing Field.

I share all of this because the life I’ve lived thus far has contributed greatly to who I am as a writer, a film maker and as a man of God.  I hope my writing here will allow me to get to know many other fans of Christian film and that I’ll be able to help connect you with the films you love.