Be aware, Mama’s! This one is going to make you cry! PaperDream is a compelling story about a young woman named Christy (Sarah Kajian) who is just dying to have a baby- it was her lifelong dream, her plan! However, after she and her husband tried and tried again without avail, it had felt to her that God and the world were against her.

Christy could not understand why God would not bless her with a baby when it was what she wanted, more than anything. She especially couldn’t understand when so many others could, even those who didn’t want a baby. She experienced the agony of having to be happy for others who were expecting and for the rejection that the adoption process can sometimes throw at you.

PaperDream gives tribute to a story that is playing in the lives of so many woman, woman that each of us know, some that are silent about the struggle they are going through. This Christian DVD shows the real hurt, the real struggle and how often times it is something people are wrestling with God about.

As a Mother, this Christian movie made my heart ache for the character Christy and for all of the woman out there in her same position. Children are truly a blessing from the Lord and the love shared is an amazing example of the love of Christ. But the tough lesson that this DVD shows is that God knows, God loves and He wants us, more than anything.