One More Round

After walking out of his life and his career as a boxer, collapsing under the pressures of his coach and the dissatisfaction of his wife, “Jake the Jackhammer Taylor” didn’t know what to do with himself or where he was supposed to go in life.

He was gifted when it came to boxing, but after voluntarily disappearing just before a huge, money making boxing match that he was to participate in, Jake the Jackhammer Taylor had yet to find what else to do with himself. Living under the guilt and shame that came with him disappearing before his boxing match, Taylor didn’t believe in himself and no longer had hope in what God may have in store for him.

After some time it got to the point where he was about to lose everything. He and his wife were not getting along, he was failing at his sales job and he was about to lose his house. Nothing seemed to make any sense and he felt like he had no way out. He was at a point where nothing could get worse…or so he thought.

Things did get worse. A lot worse. His wife left him, taking their daughter with her, he lost their house and he lost his job. It was now that Taylor realized that he needed to figure himself out and reconnect with his past in order to move past it. Boxing had been something that he loved and was really good at. He danced with the idea of getting back into it, hoping that it could provide for him the money that he needed to save his family.

With the help and support of his co-worker and the surprising grace that came from his former coach, who also happened to be his Uncle, things really began to change for Taylor. It became more apparent than ever that God was with him, providing for him what he needed every step of the way.

Putting his past behind him, Taylor welcomed boxing back into his life, with a new meaning and a new motivation this time around. He had a family to fight for and a God that he could trust and rely on. This meant that the work that he would have to endure as an older man entering back into boxing would be almost unbearable, but like the message shown in One More Round, with the support of friends and family and the will of God, all things were possible.

One More Round is a great family movie to really show what it means to struggle, endure hardship after hardship and to also lose hope in yourself. It is also a movie that shows what it takes to overcome it all and to be working towards the life and person that God has hoped for and provided for you to have and to be.