Coming out Valentine’s Day, 2015, Old Fashioned is the perfect movie to watch whether you’re single or married. A movie contrary to the ideas of those given in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Old Fashioned allows you to reflect on what love truly is and the way that God intended us to pursue it.

The story follows a free-spirited, midwestern girl and a former frat boy who has gone through a painful past followed by a Spirit convicted reformation. The two meet and have an interesting connection from the get go, but his past just won’t seem to allow him to let go…without doing things different.

Learning from his past and wanting to honor God through his romantic interests, the boy Clay (Rik Swartswelder) wants his intentions to be pure and genuine, leaving behind the games and potentially false interests that can lead a person on. He wants to honor virtue, integrity and maintain God honoring boundaries while pursing and old fashioned courtship.

The girl Amber (Elizabeth Roberts), however, has a more “follow the warm fuzzes” approach, not feeling constrained by feelings of not being forgiven for her past or the need to always follow life by the rules. The two may just be the example of how opposites do attract! 

“Chivalry Makes a Comeback”