old fashioned - dvd imageThis Christian movie has a very interesting topic and a very uncommon topic that is. It talks about courtship. I mention that is an uncommon topic because normally people talk about “dating” and that is what basically society talks about normally but I love that this Christian movie talks about this way of getting to know a person even though society thinks that it is very old fashion as the title of the movie says.

The Christian movie Old Fashioned tells the story of Clay, a former fraternity guy, and Amber, known to be very free-spirited, get a chance to something that seems impossible. They give courtship a try in this day and age.

The beginning of this Christian movie we meet Clay who seems to be a very simple guy living a very calm life but his past isn’t quite calm. He was a frat boy in college so his past has some immoral and troublemaking moments but after he found God and chose to change his life. He chose to move to a small town and live a life honoring God leaving his partying ways in the past. Clay begins working at a local antique shop and spends time repairing old furniture and taking care of the shop. His shop is placed below a building that Clay can actually rent out to people to live as an apartment. So when his tenant decides to leave Clay places the apartment back up for lease. Soon in Old Fashioned, Clay meets Amber who is wanting to rent an apartment. Amber has a free spirit and she has the world’s view of dating and how a relationship should work. So when these two meet Amber finds it strange when Clay won’t enter her apartment alone because he has put himself some boundaries. Later on in the Christian movie Old Fashioned, we find out that Amber has had a difficult past as well as she has moved two different places and has had many relationships as well.

After meeting Clay, Amber is intrigued by him, Thinks he’s weird but plans to spend more time with him and see how he thinks. Occasionally she would call him with a reason for him to come but now she has run out of reasons so she starts breaking things in her apartment so he can come and fix them. So now when Clay is fixing certain things that are broken in Ambers apartment they begin talking about different things like faith and relationships. It’s in this moment when Clay talks about his view of courtship instead of dating. Amber hears this and thinks it’s funny as she explains her view of those things as well. So they have different ideas on the same topic and a different way of viewing how relationships should be. Even though they have different views they begin feeling attracted to each other so Amber accepts to follow Clay’s rules of courtship and begin to know one another. Eventually, she realizes that courtship is actually much harder than she thought it would be as on their first aid they actually start reading a book about marriage. But as they spend more time together Amber from Old Fashioned sees that Clay has some unromantic ideas as well which she doesn’t like.

Amber and Clay’s relationship continues but soon in this Christian movie they start seeing some trouble since Clay doesn’t have a very romantic way of doing things and Amber would like a faster pace in their courtship. They have to find a way to find a compromise together with the help of a counselor. Both of these characters have to learn something in order to move forward in their relationship. For example Amber has to learn how to put boundaries and discover the meaning of having faith and on the other hand, Clay has to try harder to understand Amber and tried to get to know her in a more relatable way.

I love the theme of this Pureflix Christian movie and I’m glad that they chose to talk about this which like I mentioned before it is not a common theme talked about in movies.
So if you’d like to find out more about what happens with Amber and Clay from Old Fashioned, make sure to check it out at the fishflix store.

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