October Baby DVD CoverBefore I officially start, I want to mention what October Baby is about. This special Christian movie is about a young college student who suddenly learns that her entire life has been a lie when she discovers that she is adopted and a survivor of a failed abortion.

October Baby was originally released in 2011 for a limited time but was greatly praised for it appeal and heartfelt story. Starring in this Christian movie is Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, John Schneider and Jasmine Guy.

When I first watched October Baby it impacted me greatly and one of the things that I love about it is that it took me along in the journey of the main character. The performance from the actors was sincere and made me feel what they were feeling somehow.

The film begins with Hannah Lawson (played by Rachel Hendrix), a college student with a desire to become an actress, onstage as she was playing the lead in her school’s production. And right at this point we see her collapse. Later on we learn that Hannah had many physical ailments, those that she was born with and some that had come later throughout the years. She suffered from epileptic seizures and had some asthmatic episodes. She really thought that all her illnesses were gone from her body now that she was older. But unfortunately, they were still there to bother her. Not only was ailing on the outside, she was also ailing on the inside. Questions about her identity and about not fitting in were resurfacing in her heart and in her journal, really making her doubt her existence on Earth.

At the doctor’s office, both her parents and the doctors are worried about her an, therefore, tell her the truth about her adoption. Hannah learns that she was born at just 24 weeks of gestation because of a failed abortion and later was placed for adoption. This being the main contributor to all the ailments she suffered from since she was a child. Hearing this it confirms those feelings she had been having of not belonging where she was at and feeling empty. Curious to know more about her birth, she asks her parents to show her her birth certificate. Not wanting her daughter to leave them, her father denies her request but eventually, her mother gives in. This way Hannah learns where she was born and wonders if that in that place there are more answers to her questions, she just had to go there.

Hannah vents to her best friend, Jason and they both agree to go on a road trip for spring break and find her birth mother. She presents this plan to her dad but he doesn’t want her to go, worried something might happen to her. Hannah decides to go anyways to fulfill this desire she had to find answers. In her journey, she finds the hospital where she was born in and locates the nurse that assisted the abortion. Both women have an emotional meeting where the nurse tells Hannah what happened during her birth and tells her about her unknown twin brother. The nurse informs Hannah of her birth mother’s whereabouts and new name.

When she meets her biological mother feelings of hatred and anger go up to the surface as Hannah cannot comprehend her birth mother’s rejection. The woman at the moment doesn’t want to deal with it so Hannah feels doubly rejected, making it even more hard to find forgiveness in her heart for her. Hannah arrives in the area to take her home but is quite disappointed in both her and Jason and what they encountered in their journey.

Back home, Hannah’s parents tell her the whole story of how her adopted mother volunteered at a crisis center and knew of Hannah and her twin brother. She had decided to adopt them since she herself had lost twins when she was 24 weeks pregnant.

After visiting a church, through prayer and seeking help from her loved ones she learns the necessity and value of embracing the present. Of leaving the past and those who caused pain.

October Baby is a remarkable story about the truth there is in forgiveness and how that brings peace and freedom. A beautiful movie all around and I encourage you to see it and share it forward.

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