Not Today DVD – Many people in the United States watch movies in order to escape from the busyness of their lives for a couple hours. As a child growing up in Oklahoma, my father and I would go to the theater once a week to have “Father-Son” time. Though films have the ability to capture our emotions for the sole purpose of entertainment, some films utilize this opportunity to evoke a different type of response from their audience.

Not Today is one of those films. Set in India, Not Today is a story about a young man who has grown up in a wealthy family in the United States. His sense of entitlement and his worldview are both shattered as he attempts to vacation with his friends in India. On his journey, he discovers the horrific reality of human trafficking that enslaves over 27 million people in the world today. His involvement goes from uninterested to desperate as things get personal and he must race against time in order to help a native man find his daughter, Annika.

The ability of the film to grasp one’s attention demands undivided concern for the characters while calling to action those who are its audience. Before watching this film, men and women in the Sunday church community may have been able to ignore the tragedy of slavery that is going on in the world. But that response will be impossible as the film ends.

Not Today is a well-written, well-made Christian film that has the rare ability to entertain and call to action its audience all at the same time.

Not Today will be available on DVD some day in the future, but for now you’ll have to see it in the theaters.  It opens nationwide April 12th.  Check out the trailer here.