Los Angeles based Christian filmmaker Ray Comfort says the new Noah film starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky omits the most important pieces of the message of the story of Noah. With that in mind, Comfort produced and released his own version of the Noah narrative on the same day Aronofksy’s version came out. Many have criticized the film due to its poor depiction of the character of Noah and disregard for what the Bible was actually trying to say.

This whole Ark-sized debacle has raised some very interesting questions regarding the separation between Christians and non-Christians. And the point that needs to be made in order to stop all the arguments has to do with another film about a historical big ship, Titanic.

When the film Titanic was made, it was based on a true story while still adding certain elements and omitting others in order for James Cameron to make the film truly his own. Though that may have offended those who are religiously tied to the true account of what happened on the Titanic, the film’s popularity caused many curiosities to be stirred as millions of people began paying attention and asking questions about what really happened.

In the same way, Darren Aronofsky’s film most definitely doesn’t stick to the story as well as one who copies and pastes the story of Noah straight from the Bible. Several millions of people who never paid attention to anything in the Bible will see this film and begin to be perplexed about its origin. For this reason, no press is bad press when it comes to Christian movies. However way you look at it, it’s certainly good news that Christian topics and themes are finally hitting the big screen and getting the attention they deserve.

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