Nine Lives of Christmas - DVD ImageOne of my favorite things to do in Christmas is watch Christmas movies, especially Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. One of things I love about them, as I’ve mentioned before in other blog posts, is that they’re family-friendly and you’re sure that no “weird” stuff is going to happen onscreen. Sometimes when a film is referred to being family-friendly automatically people think that it’s not a good quality film but Hallmark Channel & their sister channel Hallmark Movies & Mysteries always make sure to provide high quality visuals as well with their stories. Nine Lives of Christmas is one of those movies that is great to watch during the Holiday season.

This Christian DVD is about Zachary, a firefighter who adopts a stray cat and through that meets Marilee, a veterinarian and now his single life isn’t what he thought it would be anymore.

First in the Christian movie Nine Lives of Christmas we meet Zachary (played by Brandon Routh), he’s a firefighter, very focused on doing his job and really not looking towards having a relationship with a significant other. He’s doing quite well on his own and being single. At work his friends are constantly encouraging him to go on a date with a really nice girl but Zachary really doesn’t see the point to the whole thing. They also constantly tell him that one day he’ll find the one person right for him. He appreciates his friends but he’s okay with the life he has been living little does he know that that will eventually change.

On the other hand we meet Marilee (played by Kimberly Sustad), she is constantly studying and is strongly focused on her work as a Vet. Just like Zachary she isn’t looking for a relationship, she’s too busy with work. But this has its consequences as well, because of working so hard she’s constantly tired and all around exhausted with little time for even herself. Her co-workers also encourage her to go out and find the man of her dreams but she turns that idea down. Marilee’s only focus is her job so she doesn’t have time for anything else, she’s already happy doing what she loves.

One day in this Christmas movie, Zachary is at home and a stray tabby cat named Ambrose ends up there. Now that the cat is in his home, he doesn’t know what to do with it but a part of him doesn’t want to give it away. Since no one comes to claim it, Zachary decides to keep Ambrose and grows quite attached to the animal. But quite frankly, he doesn’t know a thing about raising a cat so he seeks to find a Veterinarian to help him and he meets Marilee. Because of this, Marilee and Zach continue seeing each other and to his surprise, Zachary feels an interest towards the veterinarian but he tries to push it back since he can’t fall in love, not now!Nine Lives of Christmas - DVD Image

At one point in this Christian DVD, Ambrose escapes. Zachary needs help and Marilee is able to rescue the tabby and bring it back to his now owner. Zach offers to buy her dinner as a thank you and to make it up for her. This could be the start of something new for both of them. But as Zach and Marilee continue to spend time with each other and they do get closer but somehow they can’t give their hearts to each other since they have put too many obstacles infront of themselves.

Now, what will happen with Zach and Marilee? Will they be able to take down those barriers that don’t let anyone come into their lives for love? Will they be able to be open to love and each other?

You’ll have to find out by watching Nine Lives of Christmas! This Christian movie and other Christian Family Entertainment movies are available to purchase on the Fishflix store at

This Christmas movie is great to watch during the holidays and serves as a great reminder of how important love is and that having love in your life, it doesn’t necessarily have to be from a significant other, it can be from family, friends, and others, it’s a beautiful thing to have in life.

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