In light of Priscilla’s recent blog post highlighting “Sarah’s Choice”, here is an example of a ministry out there for woman who are making the choice to keep their child, despite being a single, sometimes homeless, sometimes a teenage, expecting mother.

Here is an interview conducted by Priscilla, staff member, with Kristal Bean, one of the staff at New Beginnings:

What is New Beginnings?

A maternity home and shelter for homeless pregnant woman.

What is your role there?

Staff assistant. I assist the house parents in running the home by performing miscellaneous tasks and engaging in relationships with the woman. I also do the administrative work. I am the missionary care coordinator, primary communications person. I do my best in each of these roles.

What made you decide to take on this role?

Well… God’s calling. When I was 17 God gave me the dream of helping pregnant woman by providing a home for them. And in February 2009 I learned about New Beginnings, and then applied to be on staff. I got an open door from the Lord and it was confirmed that that was what I was supposed to do.

In what ways do you see the Lord working there?

By providing a secure comfortable place for woman to live and develop healthy decision making and life skills. Also, by giving the woman a healthy distance between themselves and people who are not healthy for them so that they can evaluate their situation. By meeting their felt needs for prenatal care and donated items for their baby’s needs as well as informal counseling for their personal lives. And by giving the woman my perspective on the Lord’s character and His provision for them.

What are some challenges?

Brokenness in the woman’s lives that give them a skewed perception of life and inappropriate coping mechanisms. Lack of understanding of the Gospel and their need for Jesus.
My challenges are loving unconditionally, but holding boundaries that are good. Being willing to sacrifice personally to relate to these woman.
Also the distance from my family back home.

What needs or what ways do you think people could help in being a part of this ministry?

We’re a non-profit whose funds are provided by donations, so people could be a part of the ministry financially. Or donations of felt need items like baby items, maternity clothes, hygiene items, well running cars, etc. Or by volunteering at our large events throughout the year.

What Christian DVD has been useful in your ministry?

Fireproof has helped my ministry in showing what loving is and how unconditional love can be used by God to change people’s hearts. We recently watched To Save a Life too, and the stories in that DVD really related to the women who live in our home. I am looking forward to watching Sarah’s Choice, because I think that it would be really applicable to this ministry too.
Entertainment like DVDs, is a way for me to connect with the woman in the home and spend time with them.

Where could we learn more about your ministry? is our website. And if you would like to follow my blog,, you can learn more in depth about what we do in the home for these woman, and what these women are going through.