If you’re not interested in being moved on a heart level about one of the most disturbing and tragic issues of modern society, you should not watch the documentary Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.

The Christian DVD Nefarious takes viewers behind the scenes of the global sex trade, and the view is not pretty.

We see the reality of trafficking in Eastern Europe, where many the world’s sex workers are first taken captive.  We’re shown Western European mega cities where the demand for prostitutes is insatiable.  We’re taken to South East Asian countries where sex-tourism is rampant and children are sold into trafficking by their parents. Finally we see trafficking in our own back yard; Las Vegas, where prostitution is legal and sex is big business.

Nefarious: Merchant of Souls uncovers the terrifying lives that women trapped in the sex industry endure, devastating psychological affects that ravage these women for a lifetime and the fear and shame that follows these victims.

Through the eyes of women who have been trafficked, workers who have helped to rescue those in sex-slavery, former clients of prostitutes, brothel owners, psychologists and authors; this issue is looked at from many different angles.

The conclusion at the end of the documentary is clear; slavery has not been abolished.  It is alive and well in our day.  The victims are all around us.  It was recently revealed in the news that here in my home state of Minnesota, women are trafficked off of Indian reservations through the port of Duluth.

In Adana, Turkey where I have lived much of my adult life; local men and expats regularly talk about how easily Eastern European women can be obtained for prostitution.  I’ve come across such women in my years there and interacted with them some because of our common English language.

Nefarious shows the progression that these women go through from a villager in Moldova to a prostitute in a European city where she knows not the language, and only knows that they will be beaten if they try to escape.  It really makes my heart go out to these women I’ve met.

The film Nefarious: Merchant of Souls does not just leave you with information about the evils of trafficking, it calls you to action and shows examples at the end of women and even men whose lives have been transformed by the gospel.  God has graciously rescued these victims from an evil and nefarious bondage.

At the end of the film, viewers are called to become “Incurable Fanatics” in the fight against trafficking.  After watching this film you will no longer be able to plead ignorance on this issue.  My perspective is changed and yours will be too.

I implore you to check out Nefarious: Merchant of Souls on DVD.