I had a Friday night to myself recently, and I was so excited to have the chance to sit down and watch, My Mother’s Future Husband! I had especially been excited to watch it since it stars Lea Thompson, an actress from one of my favorite childhood movies!

My Mother’s Future Husband is a family movie about how a teenage girl named Headly who wants nothing more than to have her Mom Rene, find love again. Five years have gone by since Headly’s Dad died and she is at an age where she understands the desires of love and romance and sees that her Mom spends too much time with her, and not enough time for herself.

Headly and her friend Willis set out to come to the rescue for Rene. They seek out ways to find single, seemingly great men for her to meet. They figure that if she isn’t willing to find love, they would find it for her.

Surprisingly, Headly and Willis are pretty good at what they do and were fortunate to find three men who seem to be the perfect fit for Rene. Now the only trick is for them to meet and for at least one of them to be of interest to her! Soon Headly learns that this wouldn’t be the only trick to making this plan work. Past hurt and misunderstandings arose and each person had to learn how to not let them get in the way, but instead, allow them to heal and show each character how to grow.

My Mother’s Future Husband is really a cute story revealing the precious relationship between a Mother and daughter, a relationship that can build and grow, even if it means taking a few steps back before confidently moving forward. It reveals how each of us needs love and shows how we can also provide love for one another- sometimes in the most creative ways!

It was fun to watch as each of the women in this story learn a lot about themselves, about each other and about how God is looking out for them, through their hardest moments in life and in the best moments of their life. Headly and Rene were surprised to find that the answer may not have been the most obvious or even the easiest, but was for sure the correct answer.

A bit of a side note about My Mother’s Future Husband, although this is a family friendly DVD, I was taken by surprise by the choice of clothing that they had fifteen year old Headly’s character wear. I would almost say that it was a little inappropriate by some standards. It may have just been more appropriate to lean on the more modest side of things, especially as a witness to the younger viewing audience.

Also, in light of that, there was a part of the DVD where Headly was asked to speak in front of her class and the topic her character chose was to talk about receiving her first romantic kiss. Again, for a family DVD, I felt like the topic and the way Headly’s character implied that she had to start flirting her way toward achieving her goal of receiving her first romantic kiss by the end of the summer…seemed a bit too forward and again, inappropriate.

Other than these minor setbacks, I felt that My Mother’s Future Husband was a great DVD, with fantastic acting, a fun, cute story line and was genuinely an enjoyable DVD!