Something that’s stuck with me since watching Celebrating Ruth Bell Graham; A life Marked by the Faithfulness of God is a poem  written by Mrs Graham herself.  This poem and the Graham’s home (called the Cove, or “this piney cove” in the poem) occupied a prominent place in her story.   As a flat world Christian who grew up in the US, lives in Turkey, is employed in America and has family on both sides of the ocean, this poem really touched me.  I’m sure that as a Missionary Kid married to a world famous evangelist,  Ruth Bell Graham spent even more time than me reflecting on the question of “where is home?” She answered that question in this wonderful poem.

“Home Address”

My home address?
In Him I dwell,
wherever else I be.

As Bird in the air,
as branch in the vine,
as tree in the soil,
as fish in the sea.
He is my home.

My business address?

Little piney cove,
or London,
or Rome,
or Paris.

My business address?
Wherever He puts me,
but He is my home.

-Ruth Bell Graham