Mrs. Miracle - DVD ImageI always tend to watch this movie every Christmas since it’s one of those Christmas movies that makes you feel good inside. This movie is inspired by the book “Mrs. Miracle” written by New York Times best-selling author Debbie Macomber. Yes, I am a fan of Hallmark Channel movies so as you can imagine, Mrs. Miracle is indeed a Hallmark Channel film. Not only because the movies look great onscreen or have great production but it has also family-friendly content. Something that has seemed to be losing importance in television as the years go by. But what I love about these types of movies and Hallmark Channel is that they’re going against the current and are presenting good, clean content for the whole family to watch.

Okay, let’s get into Mrs. Miracle! Starring in it is James Van Der Beek and Doris Roberts. This Christmas movie is about Seth Webster, a widower with a set of young twin boys who’s looking for a housekeeper who can help him around the house. He meets Mrs. Miracle and she appears to be just what he needed for help and to find love again.

Seth Webster (played by James Van Der Beek), an architect, had always been very well focused on his career and when his wife had their twin boys, she was mainly the one who took charge in handling them. But suddenly when Seth’s wife passes away, he finds himself alone in desperate need of help. So when we meet Seth, we quickly realize that the boys have gone through many nannies and housekeepers. Due to the twins’ continuous rambunctiousness, they had managed to chase away every housekeeper that had set foot in their house. Needing much help, Seth posts a help wanted advertisement online. Responding to his request, Seth receives the visit from Emily Merkle (played by Doris Roberts). At first, he’s not too sure that Emily Merkle is the type of help he needs but very quickly Seth realizes that Emily is not your ordinary nanny. Nobody knew of the help that she would give not only to Seth and his boys but to those around them. Mrs. Merkle was just what the boys need to straighten them out and help them. Mrs. Merkle, later on, is known as Mrs. Miracle by the two boys as she manages to sit well with them both. Not only is Emily helping the twins, she is helping their dad Seth. The boys have to be a part of a Christmas pageant and there we meet Reba Maxwell, the pageant director. Slowly but surely, “Mrs. Miracle” is making Seth open his heart toward Reba and to have her open her heart to him as well. Seth volunteers and helps Reba with the planning revolving the pageant plus helping put up the pageant decorations and backgrounds. By the end, Mrs. Miracle has done the job that she was sent to do.

One of my favorite things about this movie is Doris Roberts’ performance. When I first saw the movie I hadn’t seen this actress in this kind of role before. Therefore seeing her like “Mrs. Miracle” was very heartwarming to see and a nice change. To me, she was very convincing in her role as the nanny who I think definitely came from above to help this family. Also during the whole film, she makes us giggle, and be warned, maybe shed a tear or two.

Mrs. Miracle - DVD ImageAlso, I love the blossoming relationship between Seth and Reba. At first, they were both closed off to different things due to different circumstances that made them that way but both of them end up confronting those things that were holding them back. To opening themselves, it let them be free somehow to let love in.

This movie is very precious and by the end of it, you’ll be reminded that the Holidays are a very special time. One that can be even more precious when celebrated in unity with family and friends. A great reminder of the importance of family and love.

I highly recommend this movie if you’re looking for a feel-good Christmas movie to watch during the special Christmas season no matter if it’s at the beginning or the end of the season. Anytime is a great time to see it! You can find Mrs. Miracle here in available for purchase!

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