Mr Blue Sky DVDIn the film Mr. Blue Sky a young girl born with Down syndrome often looks to the sky and finds her hope is renewed through “Mr. Blue Sky”, a metaphor for GOD.   Andra Little, played heroically as a child (Film debut by Glee’s Lauren Potter) and also as an adult by Ashley Wolfe, herself born with Down syndrome. These two wonderful actresses bring life to the screen and are beacons of light and hope.

Andra leans on her two “soul mates” young Greg, played by Zachary Sauers and young Bonnie, played by Kaitlyn Lee Cruz, for love and support. As the three reach adulthood their bond as children becomes threatened by societal pressures and views, as they just can’t seem to become who they want to be. A successful Lawyer, Bonnie, played by Mary Kate Schellhardt, and a school teacher, Greg, played by the late Chaney Kley, begin to date and leave their old friend behind.

But Andra is determined to live her life with the help of her mom (Played by Ashley’s real life mother Nancy Wolfe) and her new friend Jessica, played by the emerging screen star Haley Ramm.   The love Andra feels for both Greg and Bonnie never dies. As Greg has to fend off his own feelings for Andra, as well as his drunk father, played incredibly well by “Home Improvements” Richard Karn, tensions begin to rise. Now, the school board has their say and Greg begins to feel threatened as a result. His job and ambitions become the subject of a community-wide school board debate.

Is life fair? Can these three overcome society’s ignorant perception of individuals born with Down syndrome? Andra says she can change that perception with a brave speech that not only changes society views but resounds worldwide as acceptance and inclusion for someone who may appear different is inevitable. Andra asks the question, “Aren’t we all different in our own way? Do we not have the right to freedom, love, inclusion, and acceptance? After all it’s just one extra chromosome.”

Love and marriage succeed as Greg finally marries Andra and helps her through her college classes. The world has now changed for the better. A light has emerged. The two live with the knowledge that “Mr. Blue Sky” is always with them, watching over them and all the children born with Down syndrome.

A heartwarming story, Mr. Blue Sky succeeds in its message and goal to change lives through changing minds.   I should know. I am the writer of the film and I have seen this firsthand experience.

Mr. Blue Sky is dedicated to all those born with Down syndrome and their families, and to Chaney Kley who has since passed on and is now watching over all these children himself.

Mr. Blue Sky is directed by Sarah Gurfield and produced by Karuna Eberl.