The real life stories of five individuals who were once Muslim, unlearned of the Christian world, “More Than Dreams” is a DVD that shows the transformation of people God has called to himself.

More Than Dreams” includes five different languages spoken by these individuals whom are from five different parts of the world. Each of them with a unique story of how Christ revealed himself to them and took them out of the lives that they had only known. This DVD shows how every one of them were crying out to the God that they did not know, each in despair for their own life situations. Ali, a Turkish man who was a slave to his alcohol addiction, beating his wife without control, cried out to God in despair, and through a dream, Christ revealed himself. Dini, an Indonesian teenage girl goes through hurt and torment after the death of her father and learning of her father’s infidelity. Feeling rejected and alone she takes a turn for the worst and then finds herself crying out to God to speak to her and show her the way. She is surprised when the God who reveals himself to her is Jesus, a man who she knew nothing about, but from the moment He revealed himself to her, she never turned away. Forced out of her family and out on her own, her story shows what it means to rely on God, a God she hardly knew, and to finally come to forgiveness to those who have done her wrong.

Ali and Dini are just two of the five stories in “More Than Dreams”, each of them perfect for any viewer who is anxious to see examples of God’s transformation in his people around the world, or for anyone who wants to see the Gospel at work. This DVD contains wonderful testimonies and Gospel presentation for anyone!

“More Than Dreams” shows how God met these individuals where they were and carried them through their transformation of leaving all that they knew, all that their family knew, and learning who Christ, their Savior, is. “More Than Dreams” is also capable of showing any individual how God would do the same for them!