Have you heard about our film More than Dreams? Family Christian Movies is proud to carry this unique film/evangelism tool because our CEO was involved in the making of it. Carol Worley was kind enough to review it for us.

More than Dreams is truly a phenomenal look at the salvation experience through the eyes of five former Muslims. Each re-enactment tells the story of how the individuals came to know Christ through a dream or vision in which they saw Jesus, conversed with Him, and how He showed them love for the first time in their lives. I found each account to be genuine and refreshing – bringing me back to my own testimony of going from darkness into the light.

One of my first reactions to More than Dreams was seeing the desire that the Muslim people have to know God and to follow His commandments. It was amazing to see how they cried out to God in their own way and how He answered them in a way that they could understand. I think sometimes in the West we are not aware that people of other religions could have such a sincere desire to know God. At the end of each segment is an explanation of what happened to the individual in the film and an invitation to come to Christ through prayer.

Each story is told in the language of the individual, but the English subtitles are easy enough to follow along and understand. More Than Dreams is an excellent resource to witness to someone from any one of the five languages portrayed in the film – Farsi, Turkish, Indonesian, Arabic, and Hausa. Other nonbelievers – and particularly Muslims – would benefit by watching More Than Dreams and seeing the transformation that Jesus brought to ordinary individuals and what they endured as a result of their decision to follow Christ.

Because of some mature themes and language in a couple of the stories, and small amounts of violence, I would recommend More Than Dreams to ages 12 and older with parental supervision

Special thanks to Carol Worley for her guest post. We look forward to more reviews from you in the future! You can find More than Dreams at FamilyChristianMovies.com