It has been awhile since I have seen a movie that has put me on the edge of my seat, but Mission Air definitely caused me to be scared, anxious and totally on the edge of my seat!

Diane Ireland (Gigi Rice) leads Mission Air as a medical missionary who flies across the Texas/Mexico border to bring healing and hope to the village, Villa De Luz. This is something that she has done for years with her family and is so happy with the success they had with this village until her most recent departure from the village ended in a battle with some villains. Diane and her son Michael (Tom Maden) were forced to physically fight off these men to keep their plane and to return home safely. Gun shots were fired, things got out of control, but Diane and her son were able to safely escape…or so they thought.

Mission Air gives an up close example of what missionary families often times go through. It can be dangerous, unpredictable and can put you and your family at risk. This is exactly what the Ireland family goes through and as the viewer you want nothing but the best for a family that serves the Lord and serves others. When terrible harm comes their way, you can’t help but pray for them!

Each of the characters of Mission Air are unique in their own way, but incredibly important to the mission itself. One of my favorite characters was Johnny Dingo, played, to my surprise, by Tom Arnold. His character was the airplane mechanic, but a very funny, loving, easy going character that brought a lot of humor to the DVD. He has a son with down syndrome, which showed such a good bond between a father and a son. Irreplaceable characters!

There is a high volume of violence in this DVD, but I highly recommend it to those that are age appropriate. It’s funny, exciting and serious, perfectly played out within the DVD. Serving God and serving others clearly isn’t always easy, but Mission Air shows that if you have faith and trust God with what you can’t manage yourself, He will take care of you. A great DVD!