Miracles from HeavenMiracles from Heaven is a Christian movie inspired by true events of the Beam family. It presents us a 10-year-old girl named Annabel who’s suffering from an uncommon digestive disorder and is suddenly cured miraculously after going through a horrible life-threatening accident.

To say that I love Miracles from Heaven is an understatement and I recommend it to everyone I talk movies to. This Christian movie was released in the Spring of 2016 and was really well received. It is based on the book “Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, And Her Amazing Story of Healing” written by Christy Beam. The film has a talented and show-stopping cast that pushed the storyline even more, for example, Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifah, Eugenio Derbez, Martin Henderson and Kylie Rogers as Annabel.

Miracles from Heaven is set on Texas and we meet the Beam family in their farm. Christy and Kevin (Jennifer Garner & Martin Henderson), plus their three daughters, Abbie (Brighton Sharbino), Annabel (Kylie Rogers) and Adelynn (Courtney Fansler). One day Annabel starts not feeling well and when taken to a doctor’s clinic, the doctor doesn’t find anything abnormal in her system. When the severe pain strikes again days later, the parents decide to take Anna to the hospital to get a different perspective on their daughter’s pain. To their surprise, the doctor once again says that her system is doing well, cannot find any sign of illness and address her pain to normal body processes. Christy knows deep down inside that this isn’t just a simple thing, that there’s something severe going on. By checking in with another pediatrician, he confirms some kind of abdominal impediment and that it must be operated. Even after the operation Annabel is left with a stomach disorder and is unable to eat normal solid food, therefore, feeding tubes must be used to nurture her body. At this moment in the film, Christy has begun to lose faith in God and after hearing some comments made in her local church she chooses not to go back to church in general.

It is recommended that the family take her to Boston and see one of the most successful pediatric gastroenterologists in the United States, Dr. Samuel Nurko. Christy soon realizes how hard it was going to be to get an appointment with such a solicited doctor and frankly she didn’t have much time. After trying many times to get an appointment, she decides to head to Boston with her daughter even though she didn’t have a proper date for an appointment. After a last minute cancellation, Annabel can be examined by Dr. Nurko at Boston Children’s Hospital and the graveness of her illness is discovered. She begins her treatment and during this time at Boston Children’s Hospital, Christy and Annabel find friendship and support in Angela, a local waitress who shows them around the city. Also, Anna inspires and makes a difference in the life of young cancer patient, Haley, and her father. During the times of the treatment, the family was separated but would find times to be all together at the hospital to maintain the unity in the family.

Now back home, while Anna and her older sister, Abbie are climbing a tree in their backyard, a branch gives them a warning that it will break. Anna trying to get to the trunk, a safe spot in the tree, causes the trunk top to break and Anna falls through a hole to the base of the tree. Chaos forms outside as police and the fire department arrive to the scene. They mention to Christy and her family that is very unlikely for someone to survive such a deep drop. The family turns to God and pray that Anna is okay. When she is rescued, the test confirm not only that she doesn’t have major fractures but that her serious abdominal condition is gone.

Miracles from Heaven is a testament that the moment of miracles has not passed. That God is still at work and is orchestrating for our good when we ask for His help. I laughed and cried while watching this Christian movie and again, was inspired by the story and the actors who brought the story to life.

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