Miracle of the Widow– Grace Harrington, a young woman who prides herself in her achievements and her educational background, has a terrible trend of leaving what is most important behind. She distances herself from her family, from God and now she’s off, leaving for a new job.

As she begins her new teaching job, she is determined to prove how educated she is, and to show everyone how to do things the right way. Bothered by the frequent stop to the bakery that her coworker takes the kids to, she raises awareness that the kids do not have parental permission to stop at this local bakery, and that this was not allowed. Grace’s coworker however, explains that this has been a tradition for years and that it doesn’t bother anyone.

It bothers Grace, and she becomes even more irritated and even more determined to put a stop to it when she sees that the woman baker puts Bible verses on the packaging! Grace doesn’t think that it is right to have anything religious be a part of the school day. This was not allowed!

She succeeds in putting a stop to the visits to the bakery, even though it hurts those around her and distances her from the kids and the people she works with. What she doesn’t realize, is that her success isn’t success as all, but rather a hardened heart to the feelings and lives of those around her.

After going through unexpected hardship, Grace is forced to face herself and count on the people that she has hurt. Realizing that she turned herself away from what is most important- her faith and her heart for others, she encounters a historical transformation. The bakery that she separated herself and the school from, became something that she depended on and something that was inside the bakery reminded her of what she could not live without.

Miracle of the Widow intertwines a story of history and a story of a girl nowadays who may be wrestling with the secular ideas vs. the ideas of faith and heart. History shows her heart the truth of Christ and the importance of turning to God, and putting all of your pride in Him, not in your own personal achievements, and not in what the world says is right.

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