Brandon McGuire is a filmmaker who grew up as a middle class Christian whose perspective of “American” Christianity changed drastically after spending three months in Africa. While in Africa he discovered that the perspective and understanding of Christianity and ultimately, God, weighed heavily on the culture we were submersed in, and he realized after returning home to America, that the American understanding of Christianity was often times far from the truth.

With this new understanding, Brandon McGuire began his quest to figure out exactly what the American people thought of Christianity today, in modern America, and how it was that they came to this understanding. The outcome of his search developed the DVD, Mining for God, as he himself was mining for God in our current culture.

Below is a summary of how Brandon McGuire describes Mining for God:

Mining for God is a documentary film that features interviews with Lee Strobel, William Lane Craig, Paul Copan, Gary Habermas, Mike Licona, John Stonestreet, Nabel Qureshi and other great apologists. This movie is powerful, and desperately needed way of presenting the Gospel to our Post Modern/Post Christian culture. It looks at how Christianity is viewed in America today, and exposes the biggest cultural obstacles between our lost world and our loving savior. Mining for God leads the audience past clichéd Christian sentiment and into a deep and thought provoking dialogue that will leave the Christian tremendously edified and the skeptic in question of his doubt.”

It’s interesting how America once found pride in being a Christian culture, founded by Christians and declared to be a nation trusting in God, which developed into a culture that also found pride in being a melting pot of all the cultures throughout the world, which to me seems to have changed to now a culture of people wanting to be individuals with their own ideas and identities, not affiliated with one or another. This could be one of the answer’s to Brandon McGuire’s questions in Mining for God– how has the American idea of Christianity gotten to where it is today, “which has distorted our idea of who God is?”  The idea of Christianity today in America is a sum of a melting pot of ideas, told and retold, but now with the influence of the diverse and individualistic idea of who God should be for each individual.

Mining for God has compelling research and arguments. A great way to look at your faith with a cultural perspective, maybe awakening some influences that you might not have even been aware of!

View the trailer here: Mining for God