Milltown Pride - DVD ImageOne of the things I love about this Christian movie is that it is situated in the 1920s and if you’re a person that enjoys sports movies especially baseball-related movies this will be one for your enjoyment. The main character of this movie has a dream that he wants to achieve but there’s always some struggles to overcome and these things don’t come easy so I think all of us can relate to that

Milltown Pride tells the story of the struggles of Will Wright as he wants to be an exceptional baseball player on the Mill team and achieve his goal of being in the major leagues.

Will Wright of Milltown Pride has a dream of playing baseball in the major leagues but he constantly faces situations and confrontations that make him want to give up on his dream. This Christian movie is set in the 1920s in South Carolina as we see Will fight onward towards his dream but he has to work and fight really hard against many opposition. Yes, he has made mistakes and he doesn’t always make the right decisions but Will is sure of one thing, he knows what his dream is and he will do whatever it’s needed to be done to accomplish it. He is extremely persistent and at one point in Milltown Pride, Will begins working at a mill without the support of his father and his family. He grew up in a privileged family so he leaves all that aside and continues working on the mill and enters the mill’s baseball team. With constant hard work, he becomes a recognized name in the team and he achieves that even though he encounters difficult situations and people that don’t like him very much.

Will from the Christian movie Milltown Pride, at one point has some really hard decisions to make but also he is confronted by the fact that he is very different from the other no workers since he was raised in a privileged way, not really needing anything and the rest of the workers have lived a life of survival. Also in the mill Will encounters many temptations, for example, he sees how tempting it is to “forget” all troubles with alcohol. And it is in moments like this when he really questions if his life is really as different as the other men working there. While working in the mill, Wright meets people who he considers friends and people who become kind of enemies, for example, Pike, who is the best hitter from the Newton Mill Sluggers. By working hard and showing what he can do, Will actually earns respect from his team but like I mentioned before, at this moment Will from Milltown Pride confronts a new challenge which is alcohol. The era where this Christian movie is set is during the prohibition so Will sees how the alcohol is available for the mill workers and he thinks that maybe if he gives into temptation that he will be accepted by his co-workers.

During his time working at the mill, our main character meets Ginnie Douglas, a straightforward young woman who actually has her eye on Will as he becomes more popular and of course he is quite interested in her as well. But in this moment he is still very focused on baseball and achieving what he has been dreaming about for many years. So there’s this tension especially between him and Pike because only one of them will go past the mill league and head to the major leagues. Will from the Christian DVD Milltown Pride is popular now but at one point in the Christian movie all of that just goes away and has to really discover what is really important. Apart from his dream he really doesn’t realize that he is in need of God and in need of salvation. So because of this awakening, Will hears a powerful message by evangelist Billy Sunday which makes him see the way he has behaved and that he is in much need of salvation and forgiveness.

Will our main character achieve his lifelong dream of playing baseball in the major leagues? Is it the path that God has set up for him?
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